Sichuan 16-year-old juvenile how to smuggle Dubai? Experts: Airport to prevent full failure

Then occurred in Shanghai Pudong Airport this air defense event
16-year-old juvenile Xu. June 15, the Civil Aviation Authority on the Shanghai Pudong Airport Control Zone illegal invasion of the matter, the administrative meeting of the Shanghai Airport (Group) Co., Ltd.. Civil Aviation Administration decided to Shanghai Pudong Airport for a special air defense security assessment, during the suspension of the Shanghai Pudong Airport, the domestic overtime, charter flights and new routes of flight applications, will also be on the Shanghai International Airport Co., Ltd. administrative penalties. It is reported that this is the first time because the Civil Aviation Authority air defense security issues, for the relevant personnel to implement administrative appointments. Then occurred in the Shanghai Pudong Airport this air defense event, in the end is how the matter? 16-year-old juvenile hiding luggage compartment stowed Dubai ancestral Sichuan Pakistan in the 16-year-old juvenile Xu, listen to the "Dubai beggars monthly 4.7 million" message, decided to go to Dubai luck. According to the Chinese Consulate General in Dubai, on the evening of May 26, Xu surpassed the fence of Shanghai Pudong Airport, and found EK303 flights from Dubai to Dubai on the apron, while the staff did not pay attention. cargo hold. 27 more than 0 points, the plane took off, after more than 9 hours of flight, Xu arrived in Dubai, however, he did not even the plane, the dream was broken. Local staff unloaded luggage, found hiding containers Xu, then the police will be handed over to the police Xu. Suspected by the local police on suspicion of illegal entry and suspected of endangering public aircraft safety. After the prosecution initiated the judicial process, the local Chinese lawyer Mian Jinlong for Xu to provide translation and judicial help. On the same day, the Chinese Consulate General in Dubai, after receiving the notification from the police, went to the scene for the first time and informed the consular protection procedure. Wu Xuliang, Consul General of the Chinese Consulate General in Dubai, said that according to the local laws of the UAE, Xu may face two criminal charges that endanger aviation safety and illegal entry. But because Xu is a minor, June 6, Dubai local prosecutors decided to not prosecute Xu, directly back to Shanghai, China. In addition, according to media reports, because Xu is a minor, at present, the Shanghai police to its decision is "detained, not implemented." Airport checkpoints, juvenile how to find loopholes into the cabin? Illustration. Shanghai Pudong International Airport, one of China's three major international airports, covers an area of ​​40 square kilometers, with 218 parking spaces, 149 square meters of apron. According to the 2014 statistics, the annual passenger throughput of more than 51.66 million people. In 2015, Shanghai Pudong Airport was included in the world's top 100 major airport ranking. Such a large body of the airport, how can easily make a 16-year-old boy completed his such a whimsical travel? Carrying a lot of money "dream", Xu farewell parents, alone from Jiangsu to Shanghai. May 26 this day, Xu from the day rent to sit on the Metro Line 2, directly to the Shanghai Pudong Airport, the highest fare of the whole but 11 yuan, which is his opening trip to Dubai, the total cost. No need to buy tickets, no security, but no need to pass, a 16-year-old boy, how to break through the heavy level, into the airport apron, and drilling into the cargo hold? According to Xu recalled the incident that night, he climbed the tree close to the airport eight to ten meters of the fence, then slide from the airport fence into the airport interior. After a long period of observation, Xu identified the aircraft flew to Dubai. And the aircraft docked on the apron of the plane, the door opened, and no staff guard, Xu easily along the cargo ladder to climb into the cargo cabin in the presence of danger, whether the oxygen after take off, these problems he Ignorant Xu told the lawyer, he was that is particularly cold, with some of the things in the luggage cabinet when the quilt cover, slept to Dubai. Deputy director of the Civil Aviation Authority Li Jian: This is a serious nature, the impact of bad brief review of the Chinese teenager's bizarre such a journey. He started from May 26th, illegally entered the cargo plane of the aircraft, and then starting from the next morning from Shanghai, 9 hours later to Dubai, June 7 and returned to Shanghai. So if outsiders see such a process, will feel that he is really quite capable, which is full of very strange things. But in fact far from the case, if we from the air defense point of view to observe this matter, you will find inside the crisis. So with the Civil Aviation Authority deputy director of the words of Li Jian is eight words: the nature of serious, bad impact. In the process of observing this incident, people are surprised at the same time, obviously also been shocked. Why do you say that? Because the child in a short series of the process of breaking the three obstacles. First he climbed up a tree, observed for some time, and then skipped the border, jumped into the border inside. At this point, the first pass off. Then he passed the airport control area, he took advantage of no one attention, also passed such a control area. Similarly, the second pass off. The third pass, when he saw the Emirates aircraft parked here is loading the goods, he took advantage of people did not pay attention and drilled into the. This time the third pass is also over. In the 16-year-old Xu smuggled to Dubai 12 years ago, November 11, 2004, two young men secretly climbed into a plane from Kunming to Chongqing passenger landing gear, one in the plane took off when the scene Fell to death, another miraculously flew to Chongqing Jiangbei Airport. Just six months later, in Dunhuang there have been similar incidents. In May 2005, when a passenger plane took off at Dunhuang Airport, a boy dropped from the aircraft landing gear. The same secretly ran into the apron, the same way to steal into the landing gear cabin, the same airport was recognized as the main responsibility. This time, it happened in the Shanghai Pudong Airport. And after each such event, will start a big discussion on flight safety. Let the public feel worried that there are only a few times into the juvenile, if it is malicious people? On July 26 last year, a flight from Taizhou took place on a flight in the air. The day flight flight attendants and passengers are surrounded up, the two sides confront a few minutes later, the man not only did not put down the lighter, but took out a more than 20 cm long knife. In less than five minutes after the plane was forced to land, the man burst into the first class again and lit the newspaper. After the incident, exposed the security loopholes in Taizhou Airport, was ordered to stop for more than a month, and security rectification. And a series of related personnel were removed from office. [Expert Q & A] juvenile smuggling exposed what security issues? How does air defense control? Q: a 16-year-old boy, into the aircraft inside the cargo compartment, it brings the danger is what? Associate Professor of Civil Aviation Law School of China Huang Quan: Fortunately, this boy is not a terrorist. One of the problems found in this matter is that the civil aviation airport for all kinds of such measures to prevent all the failure of the airport - the boundaries of the airport, he turned over; airport control area of ​​the security staff did not find the airline security staff did not Found; camera monitoring did not find that no one found this problem, so this danger is very large. Q: Shanghai airport in this regard should bear what kind of responsibility? Huang Quan: the key to see in the process, there is no implementation of enterprise security program. If strictly implemented, then that is the security program problems. If not strictly implemented, then it will bear the direct responsibility. Q: In this incident, in addition to the Shanghai airport to bear the obvious responsibility, what relevant departments to default? Huang Quan: In addition to the autonomy of enterprises to implement the security program of responsibility, the other one, we can not bypass is whether the executive authorities to assume the responsibility of regulatory issues. If the executive authorities have found the problem but did not require rectification, that is, the regulatory responsibility of the executive authorities is not in place. If the administrative organs in the daily security audit administrative review repeatedly stressed, and requires enterprise rectification, but the enterprise neglected these problems, then the administrative organs should be no responsibility at this time. Q: air defense security, and now if you want to strengthen supervision, where is the difficulty? Huang Quan: Now the safety supervision on the prevalence of the problem is a serious shortage of shipping regulatory power. After the airport is landed, the airport public security is also placed under the place. Civil Aviation has lost this team can assist in daily supervision and combat crime. Now more than 200 airports in the country, less than two hundred people in safety shipping regulation. In addition, most of the airport where the city is not the civil aviation administrative organs, in this regard is the lack of regulation.

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