East Coast fleet of a detachment of officers on New Year's Eve active for the soldiers guard

New Year's Eve cadres for the soldiers standing guard is this army insisted for years of an old tradition
On the evening of New Year's Eve, in order to allow grass-roots officers and soldiers to eat a reunion dinner, see a complete Spring Festival Gala, the East China Sea Fleet detachment cadres at all levels have to go out on the whistle, take the initiative For the soldiers standing guard, for the motherland keep old age. "Sentry comrades, Li Yi Bao came to the post!" At 17:45 on the 18th, the detachment of the landing team brigade Li Yibao political commissar of the first sent a salute to the sentry, and then took over from their hands steel gun, stood on the detachment of New Year's Eve The first post of the night Then the detachment of hundreds of organs of the leading cadres have been on the whistle for the soldiers on duty. Late at night 23, the cold wind whistling, cold biting, the reporter wrapped in military coat with the night to check the vehicle came to the detachment Yushan ship. Probably from the ship fifty or sixty meters away, just listen to the gangway came more crisp to ask the password, the reporter ordered, I saw the captain Sun Jingen standing on the more bit, double-faced cold, unable to move With the feet, said with emotion: "Although the cold weather, but New Year's Eve for the soldiers do not have a sense of guard, but also to find the time when the soldiers when the feeling." New Year's Eve cadres for the troops guarding the troops for many years Tradition. On the eve of the Spring Festival this year, the detachment issued a special notice, the activities of the further emphasis on the requirements of cadres, especially the leaders of the group above to adhere to the people-oriented, exemplary take the lead in the New Year's Eve of the whistle of their soldiers all replaced, to ensure that they can Completely look at the Spring Festival Gala. Talk about the significance of this activity, is the seventh time in the New Year's Eve for the soldiers standing guard of the detachment of Shengshan ship instructor Wu Ya Jiang said: "Do not underestimate this short a replacement, it reflects the Our military officers and men consistent with the fine tradition, but also to the actual action close the officers and men relations. "In order to let the grassroots officers and men had a happy and peaceful Spring Festival, the detachment leadership in-depth solution to send warmth, and officers and men with music. For the temporary family members to purchase life items, to visit the festivals of cadres cadres family members. "The troops 'leadership replaced our outposts and let us live on New Year' s Eve and eat dinner, and we wanted to be very thoughtful and warm in the army 's New Year' s life with the family," he said. (Finish)

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